Nearly three years ago, Jessica Kensky, our colleague and friend was injured in the Boston Marathon Bombings. Through the BAA survivorship program, Jess received ten marathon numbers, which she allocated to Caring for a Cure, giving this program an incredible opportunity to exponentially build upon it’s already solid fundraising base. As an oncology nurse, Jess has cared for patients who similarly endure long roads with cancer diagnoses. All proceeds that are raised by this marathon team will be donated to Caring for a Cure–and Jess will decide specifically where these funds go. This is a way to reconnect Jess to patients and nursing, which she misses on a daily basis.

Our logo, the footprint, is Jess’ artwork; a project she did with her occupational therapist prior to her second amputation. It represents all of the steps and mobility that were taken from so many that day, the steps Jess had to make to come to such a difficult decision to proceed with the second amputation and, now, it represents the steps, as runners, we will take to cross that finish line in her honor.

When we cannot cure, we continue to care…a lot That is what this team and this charity is about. The ten of us are running for those who cannot; every step that we take is with the hope that every dollar that we raise can make the journey down this long road that our patients & their families are on just a bit brighter!

Thank you for your support!